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Are you looking for something durable and pleasing to carry with you on business?

Leather that lasts for years...

We will help you find the perfect, functional piece

Whether antique or new, leather is the solution for high quality that lasts a lifetime. With different textures, colors, and styles, leather can suite any taste. We have a beautiful selection right here at Atlantic Leather and we can help you with follow-up care and services as well.

For excellence in quality, we have the selection you'll love. All our products are quality leather no imitation here!

We've created a list for you to show you the types of leather available as each type of animal will yield leather with varying grain patterns.


Cattle hide makes up the majority of leather products today at 65%. Uniform grains are closely packed together on the hide. The hides of cattle leather are usually broken up and the top grain is used because it is better quality. Buffalo leather is similar and offers a cheaper alternative.


Sheep grain is less uniform than cow hides and the grain pattern is grouped closely. 20% of leather on the market today is sheep leather.  Sheep leather tends to be softer and because of the high fat content, sheep leather gets a wrinkling effect.


Goat and Kid hide creates finer suede than cow. The fibers are more compact and make a durable choice. Only 5% of leather products are created with sheep.


Pig hide has fewer hairs and shows less markings but the pores are deeper. Compact fibers make this a great choice for fine suede products. 10% of leathers on the market are pig hides.


Other skins are usually referred to as "exotic". These hides produce unique markings from snake, alligators, and other varieties.


Leather Grades -


When you see a product labeled "genuine leather" you can expect one of two types of leathers. Bonded or grain leathers. Bonded leather starts with manmade materials such as cardboard and is secured with glue. This is the lowest grade of leather. Grain leather is a split-grain leather from the innermost layer of hide. This leather has no natural markings and is not as durable as a top hide because of its loose fiber. Grain leather is more durable than bonded leather.


These actually do not hold up to regular use and should only be purchased for light use. Many people have purchased "genuine leather" only to have it fall apart in a year or two.


The outer layer of hide has the two more durable leathers we use. The fibers are close together which gives the leather strength for everyday use.


Top Grain Leather - Prized for its durability and texture, top grain leather is the outermost layer of a hide. It has natural markings in the leather. The outer layer of top grain leather is processed so no natural markings are visible. When it is buffed to reduce blemishes, the leather's natural strength decreases. Embossed animal prints are often produced this way.


Full Grain Leather – Made up of the outer layer of a hide, but unlike top-grain leather, the natural look of full grain remains untouched with natural imperfections. This is the strongest leather available and is used for luggage to wallets. Full grain leather is enjoyed for its appearance, strength, and durability. The tanning processes can change the texture and appearance of full grain leather.


Belting Leather - It is stiff and works great for briefcase leather. It is typically not dyed and will naturally darken overtime and develops a rich, unique look.


Oil Pull Leather - This leather will show two tone effects from the effect of your hands rubbing on the leather and pulling the oils to create these changes.


Napa Leather - Typically dyed black, this leather is known for its soft and supple texture. This leather is often imitated but without the durability.


Saddle Leather - It is known as "crazy horse". The saddle leather will have an antique look due to the application of waxes.


Exotic Skins - This type of leather will keep the natural markings that indicate which animal such as snake, alligator, or other unique types.

Visually pleasing briefcases and luggage sets

Browse our selection of beautiful leather luggage sets that will last for years to come. If your leather piece should get damaged in transit, we can help repair it for you - we accept airline claims here.


We feature lines from Osgoode Marley and Jack Georges for the highest quality workmanship and beautiful styles to choose from. You'll love your new luggage set. If you need a briefcase, we can help you choose the right piece that functions for you.

We know leather. We can help you find solutions to purchase or repair saddlery and riding equipment, shoes, handbags, and wallets and more. Contact us for more information today.


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